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Recruiting NOW in Lauderdale. Home work in Lauderdale. Forever Living are looking for distributors in Lauderdale to join our global community. Join millions of satisfied customers and distributors and start a healthier wealthier tomorrow. Its a wonderful business opportunity!

As a Forever Living distributor in Lauderdale you will be part of a multi billion dollar company spanning over 150 countries. And, you will be part of the Forever Living global team with unparalleled business support all the way. Work from home in Lauderdale with hours to suit. Earn a few hundred or many thousands of dollars a month - your only limitation is yourself. Forever Living is one of the best selling global health products and a business opportunity thats brought increased wealth and health to over a million distributors globally.

Just one of millions of distributor success stories

“In eight years since we joined the company, we have repeatedly enjoyed the excellent benefits of FLP’s marketing plan and its rewarding incentives.  We can all achieve this if we follow everything taught to us by the top leaders of this great FLP family.  This is our opportunity to thank our sponsors and all the members of our downline for their constant support.  This incentive is an example of how we can achieve the goals we dream about.  To Rex Maughan, we want to express our admiration for his great vision by creating this wonderful company.  Our favorite products are Aloe Vera Gel, Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3, Aloe Heat Lotion and Forever Lite Ultra.  

Our future goal is to qualify for the Post Rally Tour, and in so doing, contribute towards the goal of 50,000cc each month in the United States. Finally, we want to share the secrets to our success with the entire Forever family: Have a dream. Create a plan. Work hard. Talk with at least 10 people every day and get them interested in the business. Help these individuals create and build their groups. And finally, use the products everyday!”

Luis Leal & Nubia Valencia
successful distributor

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Don't dream about change - make actions that turn into your dreams.
Have a dream. Create a plan. Work hard. Tell others.
Always prepare before you make a choice. There is so much info about daveshomefix at

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