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Real people Real users of Forever Living - Read some of the miraculous benefits to their health from using FLP.

From the child with Aspergers Syndrome (10) to the lady immune from mosquitoes bites (12) There are some absolutely unbelievable but real testimonies here from people who have gained so much benefit from using Forever Living products. I particular identify with Tracy and Steve Hatch and their son Arron. My own son had Aspergers, if only I had known about Forever then - he would have benefited so much more. And the blood pressure one, well my own wife was the same, non stop expensive medication. After just one week of Aloe Berry Nectar & Artic Sea, Guess what? Normal. And with fringe benefits of renewed vigour and health in other ways, even her skin is more radiant and younger. That's testimony enough for me.

I could list a book full of similar testimonials from across the world - here are just a random few testimonies from Forever Living users.


  • My name is Maria. I am 68 years old. Since my youth I have been suffering from joint pain, especially knees and back pain. With years the condition has worsened. Almost every fall I had to go to physiotherapy, and then Ibuprofen, Advil and some other painkillers helped me through the winter. Even with that, the condition has been worsening in the recent years. My spine started to deteriorate. My doctor prescribed Celebrex and Glucosamine. I had great troubles with my liver and stomach after taking Celebrex. I started drinking Aloe three years ago, with great doubt about improvement. However, after a short time, I started feeling better and better. I was surprised at the ease with which I could get out of bed, get in and out of car, and a general ease of movement. Incredibly, the movement of my joints, especially knees and fists, has returned. Back pains have disappeared. I started to move normally up and down the stairs. My stomach is ok. I no longer have joint pains, am not tired, my cholesterol has improved as well as my blood pressure, and my general state of health is much better than before Aloe. Thank you Milena for introducing me to Aloe.


  • When I was told "Dad, we’re going to have to sell your cars and put you in a home," I was ready to try anything. YES IT'S TRUE they were going to sell my place. It was hard to imagine as I have a collection of vintage cars. I was in really bad shape laid up in bed using crutches. I was in terrible health.

    My neighbor gave me some FLP Freedom to drink. It consisted of a pure grade of Aloe Vera with other products used for Arthritis - Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and MSM. These products are needed to maintain healthy joint function. I had tried some of these products before. But not in this liquid formula. After 3 bottles I was out of bed without crutches using a cane. Within a few months I was on my own and shortly afterward went to Las Vegas with family and walked over 20 blocks "Like a New Kid"

    Now most of my family and many friends use FLP Products and it's wonderful to hear their good stories. Thank You Frank and Ursula for introducing me to FLP and a New Life.



My name is Slavuj and I just had my 48th birthday yesterday. Since I was 21, in other words for 27 years, I have been fighting psoriasis. In the beginning it was over elbows and knees, then on the knuckles and over the whole body, until it finally spread to my head and face. For all these years, in addition to the formal medical treatment, which didn’t give encouraging results, I have tried alternative medicine, but without much success.

When Mrs. Milena offered me to try Aloe, I flatly refused. After 4 months we met accidentally. This time I decided to try Aloe, since in the meantime I have heard from many sources that it can help. After 9 months of using Aloe (FLP Aloe Vera Gel and other related FLP products), my psoriasis condition is the best in the last 27 years. Apart from few small spots on the legs, there is not even a sign of psoriasis. I hope that those will disappear soon too. Not only that, but my entire health condition is incomparably better with regards to the period before Aloe. Thanks to Mrs. Milena. Thanks to God that we have met again.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Hannah Gregory from England used Forever Living Products Aloe Vera for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and claimed it was beneficial, the same day.

“I have had amazing benefits from drinking 10mls per day of the yellow FLP Gel Drink, I no longer have days in bed, problems sleeping, concentrating, walking, aches in muscles, sensitive eyes, migraine, sore ears, colds, flu and sinnisitis that last 6 weeks, cysts, dry skin, IBS, panic attacks, lethargy, brain fog, inability to deal with many aspects of my life”

“for severe health problems drink 120 mls per day, medium health issues 60 mls per day or general tonic (preventative) 30 mls per day. The aloe vera will sort out toxins in the body for the first 3 weeks so some symptoms worsened in the detox process. This was explained to me I bought it, after 3.5 weeks I had a big change in my health with further improvements since them over the past 5 months.

Juliet Edwards from UK used Forever Living Products Aloe Vera for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and claimed it was beneficial, within the week.

“I suffered from continuous haemorrhages for 3 years which was eventually found to be caused by a small fibroid. I had a 20 min operation, but suffered from a hospital acquired infection. This resulted in me suffering chronic fatigue for a further 3 years. I found slight relief from taking liquid iron to help me get to work, but I was still only a shadow of my previous self, a constant fog, marred my thoughts and I had to really try hard to concentrate on tasks that previously I would sail through.

A work colleague Jen, introduced me to Forever Aloe Vera Gel. I bought it for my partner who uses Aloe for his vertigo. However he was delayed abroad for some months so I decided to try the drink myself and gave some to my parents. I tried about a quarter of a tumbler glass, and gasped at how bitter it was. I was determined to try it so, I mixed it with orange juice. After about half an hour I walked the ten minutes back to my home. I felt a rumbling in my stomach. Well, that night I had to go to the bathroom several times and rang my mum to tell her of my symptoms. She said she was fine!

I went to work next day and every one noticed I was busy up and down the office, laughing and generally chatting. (This was an unusual for me as I was normally almost comatose in the mornings.) It was the topic of the office. Then I looked at my colleague – Jen. And I said the only thing that I had done different was to take the Forever Aloe Vera Gel. Then I realized that awful devilish tiredness I had suffered had gone too!

I recalled my steps earlier that morning and I had actually got up and made breakfast, played the radio and exercised to the music at 6.00 am before coming to work, and now I felt great! I wasn’t sure if it was a fluke, now weeks later I am so much better and have even lost weight and gone down a dress size.

I have continued to take a daily dose of Aloe Vera Gel with no return of the chronic fatigue I have suffered at all. I am also asthmatic and I noticed that I am not drawing on my Ventolin inhaler throughout the day as before. I am just taking 2 puffs in morning and at night as the GP recommends. Before I was taking up 10 to 12 puffs a day or more. My thoughts now have more clarity and I have decided to leave my job for a new career. I now take a daily dose the Aloe Vera Nectar (Cranberry and Apple Flavoured) in the morning (it’s easier on the taste buds) and the Aloe Vera Gel in the evenings (quarter of a tumbler each). I tried taking the Aloe Vera Orange with bits. However I felt that this was not as effective, as I suffered an energy dip in the afternoons with the same dosage.

I loved this Forever Aloe Vera Gel drink, it’s given me back my life and a future. I bought a distributor pack straight away and have now become a distributor for Forever Living Products. I have been doing this for just 5 weeks now and hope that this testimony helps others who have tried conventional medicine with insignificant results.

“”I recommend that they try the Aloe Vera Gel if they have a persistent ailment that other medicines have not been able to shift. Try it on a Friday Night to allow for any side effects.”

Email 1

I have found your WebPages on the internet. I am familiar with the healing properties of Aloe. I had ovarian cysts. I drank Aloe and the cysts have disappeared. At the moment I have problems with my 12 year old son. Few months ago he has been diagnosed with psoriasis. He has it all over his body, even though nobody in the family has psoriasis.
Which products do I need to use?

Email 2

Dear Milena, I just wanted to let you know. There is improvement with my son’s psoriasis. It has started to disappear on the body, and it has disappeared in his hair. We are all much calmer and are hoping for a complete healing.

Email 3

Dear Milena, my son has fantastic results with his healing. It has disappeared completely from his head, and there is just a few on his stomach, but they are disappearing as well. I will never again be without Aloe products. Our friends are surprised. Some of them have even started to use Aloe.
Thank you once again.

Email 4

My son is doing great. Everything has disappeared and he feels fantastic. I still have FLP Aloe Vera products just in case - God forbid - if it reappears. I still cannot believe that everything has disappeared. I am thankful to God in heavens that everything has turned out well. I am also thankful to you since you have given me the solution. You have helped me and we don’t even know each other. That’s the proof that it doesn’t matter who or where we are, it matters that we help one another.
Thank you.

Email 5

Dear Milena, my son has completely cleared his psoriasis. In the second half of September the last signs of psoriasis have disappeared. There is nothing left. There is not even a sign of psoriasis. I can hardly believe.
Happiest of all mothers
PS: I will never go without Aloe in my home...


Let me introduce myself to all of you as "Anna", since many would recognize me. In the second half of my fifties, at the peak of my career, I started having troubles with the first signs of menopause and pains all over my body. Everything was aching - my arms, my legs, my head. Even the chair I was sitting on was aching! Finally a diagnosis - menopause with Fibromyalgia. The doctors gave me all kinds of medications. I would drink half and throw the other half out. When they suggested hormonal therapy, I refused, and went to search for alternative therapies. Searching on the net, I came upon Milena’s website on Aloe. I started reading and realized that this was a lady advanced in years, she could be my mother. I thought - she must have had gone through all of this too. Momentarily I started to "cry on her shoulder" - I sent her an email full of my health problems.

In ten days I started drinking Aloe together with some other FLP products. On the fifth day I noticed something was changing but I wasn’t sure what. After two to three weeks I was sure that I was feeling better, that the pains were decreasing, that my sleep was better, that the hot flashes were less and less frequent, that I no longer sweat, that I am not that depressive any more... Then I started taking 200 ml daily instead of 150, repeating it several times a day (6 bottles per month). After two months there was no doubt that my problems were disappearing. In addition to that, I was freed from constipation and hemorrhoids. I have become again a healthy and normal person, but I have continued with Aloe. It has been 6 months since I started drinking Aloe, and I have no need for any medication. Thanks to dear God and Milena.

And heres some more testimonies from around the globe

  1. ACNE. I am an 18 year-old who has suffered with acne for the past 3 years. It has been so bad that I resorted to being prescribed courses of antibiotics to be taken throughout the winter. Although this did clear the acne up I wasnt allowed to take the tablets in the summer because of an adverse reaction with sunlight and by the following winter they were back with a vengeance. This winter my mother joined FLP and started me on Bee Propolis and Garlic Thyme tablets as well as Forever Freedom because I had a long-standing knee injury.To begin with I was very sceptical and keen to go back on the antibiotics, but my mother made me promise to give the tablets a real chance. I can honestly say that over the last two months I have noticed a big difference and I do not need to be persuaded to continue with the tablets. Also, I am having physiotherapy for my knee injury and the Forever Freedom does seem to be speeding my recovery. Andrew McBain
  2. ACNE. My sixteen-year-old daughter, Annie, has been plagued for the last couple of years by teenage acne, which at this age can be so distressing. She has tried everything only to find that as one crop of spots faded another appeared.In desperation she reached for my Alpha E Factor and after applying it every night for a week or two found that her spots had almost completely disappeared. She has also been drinking the Aloe Berry Nectar every morning and she is convinced it is the combination of the two that has given her, her new clear complexion. For the first time in years we can now properly see her pretty face. My son has now cottoned on to the Alpha E as well, so if Im not careful there will soon be none left for me! Patsy Hughes
  3. ARTHRITIS. Following Septic Arthritis as a child I was left crippled with a deformed, painful right hip and shortened leg. The initial 1/2" shortage increased by 1/2" each decade to a current 3 1/2".Limited cycling and walking in my teens and early twenties ceased or declined with age. Nevertheless I enjoyed a long, happy marriage with my late wife and a good career in architecture.At the end of March 2002 Diana Powley recommended Forever Freedom to me. After less than a week the hip pain was easing. After four weeks I was so excited about the improvement that I registered with FLP to enjoy the benefits of the products at wholesale. I have started running for the first time since I was 6, and at the age of 71 have started taking tennis coaching, a sport I had to give up when I was 17. I have even managed a 4mile walk and my gait is much smoother now. Swimming, formerly reliant upon armstrokes, is now balanced with propulsion provided equally by my arms and legs. Weekly circuit training and twice weekly Hatha yoga are significantly more effective and enjoyable. Now, after less than three months, my pain has virtually disappeared altogether. Naturally I was so excited that I started recommending the products and before I knew it Ihad become a Supervisor and having great fun in my new career. Bill Greenoff
  4. ARTHRITIS. I have suffered from arthritis of the hips for five years, having had my first hip replacement just one year ago.However, owing to bed shortages, my second hip replacement is well overdue. My wife suggested that I tried the Forever Freedom whilst waiting to go into hospital and I found that I can now go up and down my daughter’s stairs with more freedom from pain which I have suffered from for several years. Obviously we are never without Forever Freedom. Geoffrey Newton
  5. ARTHRITIS. I have suffered from the condition Ankylosing Spondylitis since 1981. This disease is achronic inflammation of the joints - mostly in the spine. The more common symptoms are pain and reduced mobility. Over the last three years the pain has been increasing, especially at night. Turning over in bed used to wake me whenever I wanted to move -momentarily, but sufficiently to disturb my nights rest. Prescribed medication helped but did not work as effectively as previously and therefore did not overcome the pain.I enjoy a busy life but two of my favourite activities involve considerable movement of the joints. I joined a brass band last year; however, blowing my instrument causes the chest joints to move more than ordinary breathing does. This made the pain worse, especially the day after band practice! In January this year I returned to my gym after a break of eighteen months to recommence a health and fitness programme only to find that, due to pain, there were several exercises I just couldnt do anymore. There were also others that Ihad to avoid to prevent intense pain the following few days.I began to drink Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Gel on March 4th. 2002. From April18th, now drinking Forever Freedom, I increased the amount from 60mls to 120mls daily. Within a few days and since then, I have been pain free during the day and, moreimportantly, the night as well.I am not a great musician but I can enjoy a good practice or session without any pain at all,either while playing or during the days following. The level of workout I now do at the gym I would have only dreamed of in January. Ive toned, strengthened, gained stamina and I feel great. My goal for next season...... Tennis!I am so relieved to be pain free at last because long term pain really does wear you down. Ruth Bricknell
  6. ASTHMA & MOLLUSCUM SPOTS. My son Luke is a twin, aged 7 years. He suffers from mild asthma, but since taking the Forever Living Products Aloe Berry Nectar, he has not used his inhaler. We have just gone through his first winter and a cold, but no inhaler was needed. Also, I took him to see our family doctor, because he had over 20 Molluscum spots. The doctor advised to leave well alone and that they could take up to 3 years to disappear.I couldn’t just leave them because children at the school were going, “Urgh! What are they?” and he was becoming very conscious of his spots. So I put Aloe Activator on him every night for about 6 weeks and one by one they burst, and now they have all gone. Brill!!J ackie Taltott
  7. ASTHMA. My daughter was diagnosed with asthma when she was 3 years old, after a severe asthma attack. I also have asthma and so was quickly able to recognise the symptoms and get her the correct treatment. I was truly horrified to watch my daughter suffering, knowing that there was nothing I could do to help her or prevent this. As the years went on, it was diagnosed that my daughter had only mild asthma, with an attack once a month or so, or when she became ill, which turned into a chest infection and then asthma.Since joining the Forever Living Products business opportunity as a independent distributor in March 2002 my whole family has begun to use the products, with my daughter in particular taking the Aloe Vera Bits ‘n’ Peaches Drinking Gel, which she calls her “Happy Juice”, as it has reduced her asthma attacks. Since March 2002 she has only had one attack taking only takes ½ fl oz (15ml) a day ofthe drinking gel but it does the trick. Thank you FLP for such a weight off my family’s minds. Justin King
  8. ATHLETES FOOT. I thought you would like to know that the Aloe Vera Gelly you introduced me to has completely healed my Athletes Foot, especially the right foot.Thank you for introducing me to Aloe Vera. I used mycota and mycil creams from the doctor but to no avail. I had severe cracking and irritation especially at night for nearly six months - thank you again. K Richards
  9. ATHLETES FOOT. It was my first time of contracting Athletes Foot and as I had not recognised the symptoms had left it untreated for several months which caused it to develop to quite a bad case which spread to the soles of my feet and onto the palms of my hands. After using specialised creams prescribed by my doctor and other various lotions from the chemist this did not seem to help. After having a discussion with a colleague at work, who was a distributor of Forever Living Products, I was introduced to the benefits of Aloe Vera products, in particular Aloe Vera Gelly and Aloe Propolis Creme. I was a bit reluctant atfirst to spend the money on something I hadnt used before but was reassured by the fact that if I saw no improvement there was a money back guarantee. I had already spent out on many other creams and lotions which proved to be unsuccessful but had nothing to lose. I purchased a tube of the Gelly and the Propolis. At first it did take me a bit of time to get used to the Gelly due to the texture so I tended to use the Propolis more but after a few applications found both to be very soothing. To my surprise within a couple of days I had already seen a significant improvement. After about a month of applying these creams the condition had completely cleared up. It was fantastic! I am an absolute convert now. Unfortunately, this particular condition did reappear occasionally so I now ensure after every shower I apply either the Gelly or the Propolis Creme which keeps this at bay. On a slightly different note whilst holidaying in Spain this year Vera became our silent friend. Whenever anyone in our group had sunburn or insect bites they would turn up at my door to apply some of the Gelly which really helped to sooth and reduce the redness...... even now we still talk about our friend Vera who came on holiday.I would never go back to using anything else now!! Renee Taylor
  10. AUTISM. Our son Aaron We would like to share our experience with as many people as possible. Our Aaron was born two weeks late and was a sickly child. He was hospitalised in his first few weeks due to breathing problems. We had trouble feeding him as he had trouble eating and breathing at the same time! At 18 months Aaron was still poorly and in addition to his breathing and feeding troubles he had trouble sleeping at night, which made our life hell as he would not sleep in his own bed for very long and was a right fidget!!! He had trouble with his balance and it took a long time before he could walk unaided. From then on it was a struggle and it was at the age of four we had him assessed. He was diagnosed as suffering from Aspergers Syndrome. This is high functioning Autism, the most difficult to look after, as their understanding is good but everything must be in the order they have learnt it or they reject things outright and have dramatic temper tantrums which can be dangerous for themselves and others. Having been told by all the doctors and experts that we were stuck with him as he was and there was little prospect of any improvement EVER we felt that his poor diet and poor health was hampering him. We began giving Aaron FLP Aloe Berry Nectar on his morning cereals. We noticed a marked improvement in his health after 1 month. His moods were better, his appetite improved and he slept better (thank God!!!). In addition he started to improve at school both academically and a slow improvement in his attitude and social skills. When Steve went to the National FLP Annual Rally, Forever Kids and Gingko Plus were introduced as new products. As soon as Steve got home with the Forever Kids we introduced them to Aaron and he loved them. At that time he was a very angry little boy who was struggling with the demands of main stream school, even though he gets full special needs help each day. We were astonished to notice within a week an improvement in all areas including his schoolwork. In addition, there was the bonus of better sleep patterns (he now sleeps in his own bed all night). We are overjoyed that he now has a better quality of life, which means we have a better quality of life as well.These vitamin tablets (his animals) cost 23p per day for each person. We understand that Forever Kids have been known to help other conditions such as Asthma, Arthritis and Rheumatism so our children are going to take them ‘Forever’. We take them as well, as modern food processing is not able to provide us with good enough nutrition even if we ate the recommended 6 portions of fruit and veg each day!!
  11. Stop Press! The Ginkgo Plus are the same shape as the Stars in the Super Mario Nintendo 64 game. We have taken off the original label and replaced it with a picture of Mario and his friends. Aaron is now taking these (swallowing them whole, which is amiracle) and we are noticing an improvement in his powers of thinking. Although he is still behind other normal children he is sitting down and attempting his homework on his own (as long as we remind him) this is a real breakthrough and we are as pleased as punch. When we next see Rex Maughan, FLPs founder, we will give him a big hug and thank him for his Forever Vision which has made such a difference to so many peoples lives, not just from the benefits of the marvellous products, but the financial incentives to want to share the experience with others.Tracy and Steve Hatch
  12. BITES AND STINGS. While on a coach holiday in Italy, most people were being bitten by mosquitoes quite severely but not me. I could not understand why as a few years back I was always the first one to be bitten, even in this country. Someone said to me It must be something you have eaten or drunk that is keeping them away’. Then at the end of the ten days I started to be bitten, then I realised it must have been the Aloe Vera gel protecting me as I did not take any on holiday with me.I will not forget to take my Aloe Vera Gel on holiday, any more! Janet
  13. BLEEDING GUMS. I have suffered from bleeding gums since I was a child and nothing has ever alleviated it. I had always found that toothpaste actually irritated it. I tried the Forever Bright Toothgel and from the second time I used it my gums have never bled and my teeth and gums feel marvellous. Im very impressed. Claire Finney
  14. BLOOD PRESSURE. I thought it was time I thanked you for introducing me to Forever Living Products. The benefits from taking the Aloe Berry Nectar have been manifold. Firstly, prior to joining FLP I was on medication for high blood pressure. The doctor told me that once I started the treatment I would probably have to stay on it the rest of my life. Well, he was wrong. I have been taking the Nectar for 6 months now and my blood pressure is back to normal, no more medication.Another positive thing to come from this is that the nurse at the health centre is now a customer of mine. I was proof to her that Aloe works. John Neville
  15. BREAST CANCER. In recent months I have been receiving treatment for Breast Cancer. This has involved Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.I fortunately crossed paths with one of your managers. Tressa Byrom. She recommended your products, in particular the Aloe Berry Nectar. I have taken this over the last five weeks, with amazing results.The hospital had warned me that the treatment would make me feel very low. This normally happens around the fourth week mark. I am now on week six of Radiotherapy and I am buzzing. I have a new lease of life. The doctor is amazed at the lack of burning on my skin. I can only put this down to the Aloe Berry Nectar.I have recommended it to other patients who are just about to start Radiotherapy. We hope with the same successful results. Sandra White
  16. BURNS. I was about to make myself a cup of tea and as I tried to pick up an electric kettle which had just boiled over, I accidentally dropped it and scalded myself very badly, my left hand and arm. This was made worse for a few simple reasons. I was wearing some rings as well as a wrist bracelet so the combination of the metal + the boiling water against the skin had a terrible effect. I was also wearing a woollen top with cotton cuffs, and the buttons on the cuffs had a small loop. In short, I could not just push my sleeve up - and so the boiling hot wet sleeve stuck to my arm.Luckily, I had a bottle of Aloe First and I just started to spray my hand and inner arm. I called my Doctor, but he said that unless I got blisters, I did not need to go to the clinic.Well this happened at about 7 pm and at first the pain just kept coming back after a few minutes. I just carried on spraying Aloe First and applying Aloe Vera Gelly and the pain started to take longer to come back. I kept this up for about four hours and believe it or not- I slept right through the night and had no pain. I could not believe how badly I had scalded my skin and yet I had no blisters. I then started to use the Aloe Propolis Cream in order to ensure against risk of infection.Thanks to Aloe First - I hardly have any scars to prove that I scalded myself so badly - I did not take any photographs, which would make my story even more incredible. I will never be without Aloe First. Helen Cassar
  17. BURNS.
  18. CATS Ulcers Cancer. In February of 1997 my silver shaded Maine Coon Girl very suddenly within a week developed anenormous ulcer just under her tongue; this protruded right out over her lower teeth so that she could not close her mouth and just constantly dribbled. As you can guess she was one very sick girl.The vet during this time was treating her with Synulox Antibiotics. Finally it was obvious that this was having absolutely no effect, and things were deteriorating considerably. We were given two choices; to put her to sleep immediately or to have a go at freezing out the lump, as Loopy was only four years old and fit in every other way we decided to give the operation a go.The operation went okay, but more bad news; the cancer had spread through the whole of he rbottom jaw, and apart from removing the whole lot there was nothing else to do but to take her home and say goodbye. She was on a lot of painkillers and antibiotics, but seemed to bounce back from her operation very well. So the Vets put her on MarbocyI 20mg, this worked very well but she was getting very fat.The cancer seemed to have gone into remission; Loopy was happy and enjoying the summer playing on the grass in our back garden. As autumn progressed she seemed to a lot quieter,sleeping a lot of the time. Then by the end of November she was starting to become ill again, her eye colour had faded from bright green to a dull yellow, she was starting to give up! We were at a show, showing some of my other cats when we came across this ForeverLiving Aloe Vera Gel, it was rather an acquired taste, but it sounded like it could possibly help Loopy out, anyway it was worth a try there was nothing to lose.Loopy apparently didnt dislike the Gel. I put her on 3mls twice daily, of course keeping on the MarbocyI that the Vet had given her. After a week there was a noticeable difference, she was suddenly up and about again playing, the bad temper had gone and she was back to cleaning another Queens baby kittens, she always adored babies! A month later the weight had dropped off her, she was back to a normal size again, and her eyes had got their bright green again. It is now June and she is still well, the cancer is still there but under control. I have increased her dosage to 4mls twice daily now but the MarbocyI has not increased, so that is good. We are extremely pleased with the Aloe Vera Products.Tara Clements
  19. CHEMOTHERAPY / RADIOTHERAPY. Cancer is caused by a combination of a number of triggers and the bodys immune system failure to cope. The rich antioxidant properties in drinking Aloe helped to rebuild my immune system during and after the treatments which because of their high toxicity tend to make people weak and open to all types of infections (e.g. Mouthulcers to influenza Etc).I suffered, as a result of drinking the gel, no illnesses during six months of treatment. I used the skin gel during radiation treatment and found it very cooling and soothing. I now need to maintain a high level of health and my immune system needs to be working at peak performance so I continue to drink the gel every day.I do feel, although there was nothing to compare it with, that the Aloe products have helped my energy levels and general well being through the nasty experience of being treated for cancer. Miranda White
  20. CHICKENPOX. Recently, I have had very bad chickenpox and was given a bottle of Aloe First. It helped relieve a lot of pain and cool the spots.The night before I had only slept an hour and a half. I had used Calamine lotion before I went to bed, but that had just made me feel sticky. The only way it could be administered was by pouring it onto a piece of cotton wool and dabbing it on carefully. The cooling sensation didnt last very long and I was rather uncomfortable when it became sticky. The next morning it had dried to my face in a kind of white crust. The cooling sensation was completely gone and when I had a shower it removed the crust completely. But with the Aloe First, the differences were immediately obvious. The cooling effect lasted much longer, and the Aloe First was much easier to apply. It did not make me feel sticky,and (because I had chickenpox in my hair) it could be administered to my scalp without sticking my hair together. It really was quite fantastic. That night I slept a lot more. The irritation and pain had been eased considerably. It hadnt, however, completely gone, but this didnt matter as it soothed the heat of the spots a lot. On my chest and back it was especially good. Mum was able to apply lots of it and the more applied, the less the irritation, however, it would have been dangerous to spray it on my face so mum sprayed it onto paper handkerchiefs and wiped my face. This worked fine and I could lie on my face at night without the pain. I would like to thank Clive Richards very much for giving me the Aloe First and I would recommend it to anyone who has chickenpox. It did wonders for me. Jonathan Chapple
  21. Cholesterol Diabetes Colds and Flu Immune System. I am an Insulin dependant diabetic and since using the Forever Living Products range have found that my blood glucose control has improved. I started with the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel for a general boost to my system. As a diabetic I am more prone to infections, colds and the flu. Generally I have found that I have more energy throughout the day, colds and even cuts heal better. If I feel a cold is starting to raise its ugly head I take 2 Bee Propolis tablets with each meal just to be on the safeside. The biggest benefit is that my blood glucose doesnt fluctuate wildly due to infection. To help with the absorption of my insulin I take the Fields of Green as these contain chromium piccolate, which helps the body respond to insulin. This has enabled me to reduce my daily insulin injections, sometimes as much as 25%. I use Garlic and Thyme and Gingko Plus to help boost my circulation and detoxify my body. My favourite is Arctic Sea Fish Oil which I use these reduce my cholesterol. My readings come down from 6.4 to 3.5. Diabetics can suffer from high cholesterol if their blood glucose isnt controlled; FLP is helping me keep mine under better control than ever before. Matthew Silcock
  22. CHROHN’S DISEASE. I was diagnosed as having Crohns Disease in 1984. To anyone who may not know,Crohns Disease is a severe disorder of the stomach and bowel. For me it was the cause of bouts of severe diarrhoea and stomach cramping that rendered me disabled, in the sense that I was unable to work or function properly on a daily basis. My social and working life had to be planned or re-organised daily depending on my condition that day. Serious attempts at diet change over 8 years failed to help in any way.These changes varied from including or excluding; root vegetable’, greens, ‘roughage’, starch, ‘alcohol and ‘common beverages, etc. Time passed with two operations and several changes of medication. While they worked for a short period all of them, in the long run, brought their own problems, thus worsening my condition. Left in a medical limbo I turned to Forever Living Products Aloe Berry Nectar in a cry for help. I can now cheer, laugh and sing out loud, I can work effortlessly and I no longer have to plan around my condition. In a word, I have returned to Pre-1984, when my stomach and bowels were normal. As I write, my diet is being opened out to include things that I would never have thought possible before. It has taken me three months of taking 2 fluid ounces 3 times a day to achieve this wonderful feeling, although I did get positive results after just three weeks.I must admit I tried the Forever Living Products Aloe Berry Nectar as a sceptic who said, With a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee, I have nothing to lose. I would now, without hesitation, recommend it to anyone who would like to try a natural answer to their health problems. Wishing you, whoever you might be, all the best. Gerard Roache
  23. COLD SORES. Having joined FLP in July I have previously given testimonials about the benefits I have personally experienced from many of the products but I knew all along that the ultimate test for me would come on the ski slopes at Christmas. Even as a child I was always susceptible to herpes simplex (cold sores). I was told it is in my bloodstream, lying dormant and stress or exposure to certain weather conditions would cause them to erupt. Sadly I proved that on my first skiing trip 22 years ago. Subsequently each year I have had my holidays seriously marred by a disfigured face and distressing pain. Imagine being offered spaghetti Tabasco with your lips literally 4 times their size and blisters surrounding the mouth from nostrils to chin. On returning from holidays various people seeing these cracking blisters have assumed a car crash or something similar - so bad was my face -not to say ugly and painful. My own doctor abandoned me after prescribing first Uvistat and then Herpid. He said Give up skiing - stay in doors! I changed doctors. The new sympathetic doctor prescribed Zovirax long before it was available over the counter. Zovirax didnt work and I had minor side effects - dryness in my throat and flaky skin and I had to set the alarm to apply it every four hours. Italian doctors gave me daily injections of goodness knows what in my buttock.On December 23, I went armed only with Gel, Aloe Lips. Aloe Sunscreen and theAloe Soap. John and I experienced 8 days of skiing incorporating all weathers - sun, wind,blizzards. I now need no more proof. Each day I woke up with beautiful lips thanks to FLP and all my friends have seen the results and are using Aloe lips! Vivien Ellis
  24. COLITIS. I would like to share my story with as many people as possible. In 1984, at the age of 32 was diagnosed as suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. The symptoms were loss of blood and mucus due to ulceration of the large bowel and rectum resulting in a lack of control of my bodily functions. I was living from convenience to convenience! In addition I had painful arthritis in my joints. These, combined with complete lack of energy and the mental anguish, made life a complete misery. At the height of the illness I was warned that the ulceration could develop into cancer. With our first child due within a month. I had no choice other than to have the only operation available to relieve my condition and save my life. It is called an Ileostomy; which meanst hat the large bowel is removed, the stomach is connected to the small bowel (the Ileum)and a part of the Ileum is taken outside the body and formed into a spout to pass the bodys waste into a replaceable receptacle. The rectum is removed and the aperture sewn up forever. It was possible to have a reversal operation where a pouch is cut out of the abdomen to partially take the place of the large bowel but in my case my illness had advanced too seriously. However, following the operations (I had three in all) I suffered from arthritis, many severe gastric upsets, severe cramps, back ache, sinusitis, chest infections, body overheating, together with generally very poor health and lack of energy. Despite many hundreds of pounds of investment in alternative medicine, including Acupuncture, no permanent relief was obtained. At the beginning of July 1995 my Dad introduced me to an Aloe Vera Juice drink which gave me a little relief. Then I discovered Forever Living Products and within a very short period I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my overall health and well being. All the above ailments are now gone or significantly improved and my life has been transformed. I can now work, and have the energy to play with my three young sons and have a social life. The products I am using from FLP are not generally available and, as I would dearly like to share my knowledge of the products with fellow sufferers, I have taken on a distributorship.
  25. ADDITIONAL NOTE Having been so dramatically affected I have done some investigation of the products and find that, although the company is literally unknown in this country, they are the largest grower/manufacturer (90% of the worlds cultivated output) of the purest products in the world. I was astonished to find that Aloe Vera has been known for centuries for its curative properties for gastro-intestinal, urinary, skin and many other problems, yet because no one has been able to stabilise it for transport and storage, until recently of course, it is little known for these purposes. I hope this information will bring some relief to others who suffer from what can only be described as a very debilitating, uncomfortable and disruptive health problem. Stephen Hatch
  26. CYSTITIS. I am writing to tell you about the wonderful results of taking the Aloe Berry Nectar drink.For so many years I have suffered from Cystitis and at times it has been extremely severe.The infection has infected my kidneys resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort, followed by regular visits to the Doctor. Then one day I was introduced to Forever Living Products and found the miracle cure, the Aloe Berry Nectar drink.To start with, I took 5flozs a day to get it into my system, drank 6 glasses of water and cut out alcohol. I also kept to a good diet and cut out sweets and chocolate. Within 6-8 weeksthe pain had gone and I was passing water as normal and my kidney infection was gone. I couldnt believe it. I was so pleased that now I never go without taking the Berry Nectar along with a number of other vitamins from FLP. Since taking these products I am so very happy to say, the problem has never returned and it has been 12 months. Not only has it prevented me from having Cystitis but also I feel absolutely fantastic. Louise Stanford
  27. DIABETES. Adam was diagnosed in July 2001 with Diabetes at the age of 10. After the initial shock wore off we were shown how to monitor his blood sugar levels. As expected at first they were all over the scale. Doctors tried for a long time to stabilise them between 5 and 10. His insulin was altered on an almost daily basis. No matter what was tried - more insulin/less insulin - the levels were either too high or far too low. Eventually the doctors decided on the level of insulin to be given even though his blood sugar level was still high (12-17). It was finally accepted that his levels would be high,averaging out at 15 and would be unlikely to change. We had gotten used to this and thought nothing more of it. Then we met Diane Barker, who introduced us to Forever Living Products. We tried a couple of products, one of which was the gel drink. To start with it was Forever Freedom. Adam thought it tasted horrible but continued to drink it, as he knew it would do him good. After a few days we noticed that his blood sugar levels started to fall. We did not know why this was but we were pleased.Adam carried on drinking the gel and was happier when we changed to the Berry Nectar. His blood sugar levels have now stabilised at an average of 8 and continue to do so and the only thing we can think that it is due to is the Aloe Vera Gel as nothing else has changed in his routine. Thank you to Tim and Diane for introducing us.Thank you to FLP for a brilliant product. Jill Pitcher
  28. DIVERTICULITIS. I have suffered diverticulitis for many years and I have gone to my local hospital on several occasions. I was so bad that I was unable to take on a full time job as I had the embarrassment of running to the toilet all the time. I was on medication and couldnt go on holiday without it. Norma Davies introduced me to Aloe Vera Berry Nectar gel and all I can say is I feel absolutely great. I am now working full time at our local post office. My family is so relieved that I can now live a normal life, thanks to Aloe Berry Nectar. Yvonne Dudley
  29. DOGS Eczema. I have a German Shepherd that burst out in wet Eczema. His mother had the same complaint through her life and visited the vet on a regular basis. Eventually her immune system broke down because of the regular use of steroid-based treatments. As a last resort I went to see a homeopathic vet at great expense. His treatment was successful the first time but because of the deterioration of her immune system we eventually had her put down. When Rumbold erupted with the same complaint and having recently joined FLP I tried Aloe Vera and the results were astounding. I put the gel in his food and bathed the areas with the shampoo. I also sprayed the areas with the vet spray, which stopped the irritation and so stopped the licking. It erupted about six months later so I went through the same procedure, this time using the Propolis crème, again an outstanding result. Amanda McGlynn
  30. DOGS Osteoarthritis. You must receive many letters itemising the effect that Aloe Vera has had on the writers. Personally, I have always been inclined to dismiss such recommendations, whatever they were praising, as being the over-enthusiastic reactions of those who had happened to obtain some slight relief from the named product or who merely imagined the product had helped them. For that reason I have refrained from putting in writing the many ways in which your Aloe Vera has given me so much relief from pain. However, I think it worth bringing to your attention a case that cannot be psychologically motivated or in any way imaginary. My 13-year old dog suffered very badly from osteo-arthritis and when he stood up his joints cracked so much it was painful to hear. My wife suggested that, as I had obtained so much relief from Aloe Vera that we gave the dog some. Within three or four days the joint cracking stopped and he was again running around like a much younger animal. This improvement has been maintained for almost a year now and we have learned to vary the dosage as required. What we cannot do is stop it altogether or, the next day, thejoints start cracking. Now 14 1/2 years of age, the dog is able to lead an active and enjoyable life and there is nothing imaginary about that. But then neither is there anything imaginary about the way Forever Living Aloe has helped me. B. N. Forbes
  31. ECZEMA. For several years my eight-year-old daughter has had the discomfort of eczema on the inside of her elbow. It gradually became worse over time, spreading further and further down her arms. The itchiness would make her scratch the skin for relief, which of course then led to scratched and bleeding skin which would become even more sore and infected- and more itchy. We tried many different creams over the years, including homeopathic and herbal ones before moving on to Diprobase and other proprietary brands. Most creams offered some temporary relief but our daughter would complain of her slimy skin because the ointments would often just sit on top of the eczema in a greasy layer, providing a rather inert but vaguely soothing, topical application whose effectiveness rarely lasted overnight. Finally, we gave in to steroid cream, which did seem to be slightly more effective at first. Apart from the usual concerns about steroid products, it was also obvious that we werent getting to the bottom of the problem but simply constantly applying a greasy equivalent to a band aid to a seemingly endless eruption. At this point I came across the FLP product, Aloe Propolis Creme, which I was happy to try because of the quality of the ingredients and the excellent reputation of the company itself. With the first application I noticed a difference immediately. Firstly, although the eczema seemed to redden up in reaction, it was a brighter, pinker colour and the rash seemed to have a less raggedy edge. Secondly, the itching stopped almost immediately which was amazing. Lastly, the skin very quickly lost its horribly dry, parchment like appearance. It quickly plumped up with moisture but without any greasiness from the cream, which seemed to be absorbed deeply in a most unusual way. After increasingly less regular applications over the next three or four days, our daughters eczema went completely. It just seemed to grow out from her skin. It was quite remarkable. Now, I just put a dab of the cream on if I see a hint of the eczema appearing and it nips it in the bud. It is a wonderful and unusual product that I would recommend most highly to anyone with a similar skin problem. Thank you FLP! Julie Harper
  32. ENLARGED PROSTATE. On the 9th December 1992 my GP referred me to a specialist as he suspected that I had an enlarged prostate which, if left unattended, could become a serious problem. A flexible cystoscopy was carried out by the specialist. He confirmed that the prostate was enlarged, but it wasnt cancerous. He recommended it be removed by surgery, which could take place in four months time. Early in 1993 I was introduced to Aloe Vera, from Forever Living Products. ‘It will detoxifyyour body’, I was told. So I began to drink a small quantity everyday. Later, when the pre-operation check-up was done the surgeon said that my prostate had returned to normal and he informed my GP that the Aloe Vera had resolved the problem. He told me not to tell any of his patients, as his income from carrying out operations would be reduced!I have continued to take the Aloe Vera gel from FLP on a daily basis. Not only is my prostate still where it belongs, and working well for a 59-year old, but Ive found that I have more energy and a feeling of well being."Stress" is a thing of the past! Anthony Hall
  33. EPILEPSY. In March 2000 I was keen to find a more natural alternative to the medication that I was taking for my epilepsy.The drugs I was taking had some miserable side effects, one was I was always tired and the other was they were slowly wiping out my memory. I was introduced to the Forever Living Products range and started on a combination of Aloe Berry Nectar, Beta-carotene, and Ginkgo Plus. It was the best thing to happen to me in years. It has literally given me my life back. I’m full of energy and I can remember peoples’ name for more than a week, Most importantly I no longer need to take the drugs that were causing my side effects. I have had no more epileptic fits or any black outs and feel totally confident that I never will again while I’m on these fantastic products. Thank you Forever Living Products. Alan Spray
  34. EPIDERMOLYSIS BULLOSA (E.B). Me and My Vera!! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about how the Aloe Vera products are beneficial to me. Firstly, I would like to tell you briefly that I am a sufferer of the rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB for short). EB is a genetic skin condition passed on through faulty genes that both of my parents are a carrier of. It is a blistering condition, the blisters are burn-like and can be very sore and painful. What causes it is the epidermis and the dermas layers do not bond with the outer skin layers properly causing the outer layer of my skin to break out into blisters whenever friction is applied to the skin. Myself and my partner Paul have been a part of FLP for four months now, and have been using the products for our own personal use as well as being distributors. All of the products that I have used so far have been beneficial for me and my skin condition. I am using a wide variety of products to help with myself and my skin condition. I use the BeePropolis cream on my thumb openings because they have a habit of cracking, resulting in becoming very sore for quite sometime. Before I started to use the cream my thumbs used to take a good three to four weeks to heal up properly, but since using the Bee Propolis cream after a week my thumb healed up more or less completely with no reactions towards the contents. It used to be a nightmare to heal them up properly and to prevent any infection starting, but with the Bee Propolis it sorts all of that out because it contains a natural antibiotic to help with the prevention of infection. It used to get so sore and painful that it used to stop me from doing things for myself properly and I was limited to one hand usage. Sometimes it used to get to a point where they would stop me from driving because it would be so painful that I could not open my hands to grip the steering wheel making it difficult to steer my car even though it has power assisted steering. Due to my EB the healed areas of the skin in certain places, that do not need to be bandaged, dry out; forming flakes of dry skin making it extremely itchy. Itching is a big problem area for me because the friction that is applied to scratch the skin can cause it to bleed which then leads to a blister and so on. That is when the Aloe Moisturiser comes into the equation. All I do is apply it to the dry patch and it moisturises as well as cools the skin down to take the itching away for a couple of hours. I have used other moisturisers in the past but they did not do what I wanted it to do for as long as the Aloe Moisturiser does. Due to the remarkable results since I started using the Aloe Moisturiser I am seriously considering giving the Aloe Lotion a try.
  35. Due to the nature of my skin condition I have to have my bandages removed and changed daily,resulting in me spending an hour to an hour and a half sat in the bath soaking off the old dressings.I find that the Aloe Bath Gelee is very good because it relaxes me when I am sat in the bath especially because I have to spend so long in there sometimes, and it moisturises my skin even though sometimes I have to apply some of my other solutions with it to make it more moisture friendly. But I do not know where I would be without my Bath Gelee. EB does not just affect me externally; it also affects me internally by having blisters in my mouth and throat caused by eating. It used to be a nightmare shopping for toothpaste because all the toothpaste that we bought from the supermarket stung and burned the blisters that were in my mouth, discouraging me from cleaning my teeth properly. But thanks to Forever Bright Toothgel my nightmare is over. The gel with its peppermint and spearmint is gentle and burn-free, it even makes my teeth feel cleaner and it gives me confidence, encouraging me to brush my teeth. The natural antiseptic that it contains helps with the healing of the blisters that are in my mouth and throat. Paul is a sufferer of tonsillitis and when it comes up he is in bed for a good week really ill. Paul had about of it a couple of months ago and because he uses the Forever Bright it kept the infection to a minimum making him less ill. He still had to take antibiotics for it, but he was not half as bad as he used to get in the past when he got it. The blisters that I have can range from small to very large blisters making it extremely painful. With the pain and stinging I used to literally cry, but I have found a spray which I call my "magic spray entitled Aloe First. Paul sprays it on the area and I have immediate relief from the stinging and it takes the edge off the pain. Like the Aloe Vera Gelee I do not know where I would be without AloeFirst to take the edge off the stinging and the pain which is a relief for me because I know that it has an immediate action when it is applied to the areas. It is also soothing due to the added moisturisers that it contains. Due to the severity of the blistering I have to fight off infection and I have a five-month-old baby to care for making me extremely tired, I help to combat it by drinking the Aloe Berry Nectar. Sincet aking it I have been less tired and sleeping better in the night. I take it every day to help with the tiredness and to boost my energy levels a little bit to get me through the day. I find it very beneficial to aid tiredness and give me good nights sleep in the night. I am unable to use a normal bar of soap as it dries out my skin and the perfume that some of them contain irritates my skin. I have found a soap that does not irritate or dry out my skin, I use the AloeLiquid Soap everyday in substitute to a normal bar of soap when I take a bath. It softens my skin, it does not sting the open blisters and it moisturises my skin, where a normal bar of soap would dry it out completely. Most people always like to have tidy hair whenever they go out or find themselves constantly running a brush through their hair. I use the Aloe Styling Gel to help to keep my hair in place as it does not dry up my scalp too much which some gels and hair sprays do making it itchy at the same time. As well as finding the Aloe Bath Gelee relaxing, I find the shampoo and conditioning rinse relaxing as it gives off relaxing scents for me. I also have incredibly dry scalp as I get blisters in my hair as well and it helps with the dryness of my scalp.I am really glad that I have found and joined FLP because if it was not for them I would not havefound all these products and with my skin condition I have had benefits from all of them. Thank youFLP you have solved a lot of my problems. The title "Me and My Vera is true; I would not livewithout it.
  36. FIBROMYALGIA. I had to retire from a lifetime career in public relations that I loved with a passion. This was due to waking up one day, literally, with Fibromyalgia.a chronic condition causing extreme muscle pain throughout the body and total fatigue. Neither doctors nor specialists know what causes it and there is no treatment for it apart from painkillers, anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant drugs. I suffered hell for two years. I had always led an active life working hard and playing hard. Now I felt totally useless, unable to look after my own basic needs.Then Forever Living Products found me and I was introduced to Aloe Vera products. The prescribed drugs had produced some nasty side effects including irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and severe stomach problems. Within a few short weeks of taking our Aloe Vera Gel my stomach problems and IBS had gone - that in itself was such a relief. Gradually week after week I felt that bit better with a little more energy and a little less pain.Then Forever Freedom was introduced and I made a cocktail with this and the original gel and found greater pain relief and was able to start reducing my medication. I also found our natural bee products of great help in boosting energy levels and reducing anxiety and stress. By this time I had total belief in the company and its products. I had met a wide variety of people across the organisation and found them to be the most caring, understanding and fun-loving people. I saw the business opportunity staring me in the face. Great products, great people and all the support and training you could ever wish for. I just love telling my story and introducing the benefits of our products to others. It is great to see my team grow and develop and I am delighted to have made Supervisor. I have my dreams and my goals and I know I will make it to the top and be financially secure for the rest of my life. I consider myself truly fortunate to have been found by my caring and understanding sponsor Maureen Blume and to be part of what I believe is the best and most dynamic group in FLP. FLP has given me my life back and I consider myself really lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.
  37. HAY FEVER. I started to use the Bee Pollen for energy and it certainly increases energy levels - dont take it too close to bedtime. I found it had one unexpected side effect, it helped my Hay Fever. About March I went out and bought my packet of Triludan to have it ready when needed. March went by, April went by, and the oil seed rape season went by, not a snuffle to be heard! In fact I got through the whole summer without having to trouble the antihistamine packet except for one two week period when the tree pollen was at its highest. It has been terrific to find a natural product that stops the misery of streaming eyes and itchy throat. Not only does it not cause drowsiness’ it positively encourages vitality! Incidentally, if you do suffer from sore eyes the activator is brilliant, but thats another story! Sue Darch
  38. Head Lice. In March 2000 my 4 year old son Christopher came home from nursery with ‘nits’! I was very wary of using one of the many chemical treatments particularly having heard from friends that they were ineffective and so, on recommendation, tried Forever Living Products’ pure Aloe Vera range products. These were just fantastic! This is how we used products and would recommend everyone to do in the same situation: Before a bath or washing the hair, totally cover the head in Aloe Vera Gelly and thoroughly massage it into the scalp. After 10-15 mins, go through the hair with anit comb to remove as many nits as you can. In the bath, wash the hair TWICE in the Aloe Vera-Jojoba Shampoo, rinsing very well each time, then condition with the Aloe Vera-Jojoba Conditioner and rinse. Before bed, put conditioner in the hair and put a hat on, and sleep like this (very fetching) thoroughly re-washing the hair the next morning. This is all we had to do, but if they reoccurred, we would repeat the process again! As the products are natural there is no danger in using the products more than once should you need to.Christopher is now 6 years old and at school where unfortunately, ‘nits’ circulate all the time. We use the FLP Aloe Vera-Jojoba Shampoo and Aloe Vera-Jojoba Conditione rat all times and he has never had them since! Clare Cotton
  39. JOINTSLIGAMENTS. Eight years ago I had a car accident that crushed 2 vertebrae in my spine. I was told that by 35 years of age there was a high chance of me being in a wheelchair (something to look forward too, not!) I took a lot of medication just to get through the day, painkillers, anti-inflammatories ,threatened with an operation on my spine – my life had come to a halt. I was introduced the exceptional range of Forever Living Products 18 months ago and gained fantastic benefit from them. I started with the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel, a natural anti-inflammatory 2fl ozs each morning and evening. After 3 months I could move with reduced pain at a level with which I could cope. It was fantastic.When Forever Living Products launched its Drinking Gel especially formulated for joints and ligaments, Forever Freedom, I moved onto that. Wow! Forever Freedom has given me my life back.Within 3 days, I could stand for longer without pain, bend and not stiffen up and most of allI could pick up my children and dance. One year on, I can honestly say, I take NO painkillers whatsoever. However, if I do get any “niggles” (mainly after long periods of driving) I simply rub on the Aloe Heat Lotion. At the moment I take 3 fl oz of Forever Freedom once a day, in the morning. Hand on hear this range of products has defied what the doctors told me. I am 36 years of age this January and I have everything to live for and lots to catch up on. I haven’t seen a doctor with reference to my back for over a year now and that is fabulous. Traci Valentine
  40. LAMINITIS. We have a 35 year-old grey pony called William who was retired when we first had him five years ago. Previously he had several bad bouts of laminitis and until this summer we managed to prevent it happening again by conventional methods. He could hardly walk and I could tell that he was in a lot of pain. We kept him in for a week and his condition improved slightly but not enough. I knew about the Forever Living Products Aloe Vera range so we put him on 50 mls each day of Aloe Berry Nectar Drinking Gel (he likes sweet things). Within 4 weeks we saw a huge improvement. This pony had always been conservative in his efforts, which I had put down to old age, but now when my daughter rides him on lead rein, I am the one being pulled along! He will be on Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Drinking Gel for the rest of his days. Georgie Adams
  41. LEG ULCERS. On the 14th of February of this year I developed a pressure blister on the ball of my left foot which soon grew into an ulcer. Having previously treated three similar ulcers successfully with Aloe Vera Gelly, I was not too alarmed. However, within one week, septicaemia set in and we sought medical assistance. I was admitted to hospital and a cocktail of antibiotics were given intravenously for the next four weeks. When it became obvious that these had not worked, I was admitted to surgery. A trench was cut from between my first and second toes, to my ankle and the length of the top of my foot as, by now, abscesses and ulcers had formed along the length of the poisons track. I was discharged after five and a half weeks and, despite my request that Aloe be used to treat the surgical wounds, they were treated with Iodine. In June a fresh abscess was located between the first and second toes. The surgeon took one look and stated that the second toe would have to ‘come off’, basing his decision on the fact that Osteomyalitis had been revealed by the x-ray in this toe. Surgery was scheduled for four days hence, but on the day no bed was available and the operation was postponed for a further six days. In the meantime I had not been idle! I had contacted all my friends and asked for their prayers for my toe, whilst I went into action with 3 fluid ounces of Aloe Vera Gel every 3 hours backed up with 8 Propolis tablets a day, taken in twos at mealtimes and last thing at night. When the surgeon came to debride the new abscess he could find no trace of the bacteria which had been attacking the bone, and so, had no reason to amputate. After this the Consultant and Surgeon consented to my request to use Aloe. From that time the wound has first been washed with Aloe Activator, then packed with Aloe Propolis Creme with a topping of Aloe Gelly to enhance absorption. The foot is then protected with a gauze dressing and bandage. Needless to say, I still take Propolis tablets but only four a day now! To date, healing has progressed well, with little scarring and both doctors and nurses have been impressed with the healing power of Aloe. Although it has taken a long time to complete the healing the Consultant had expressed doubt at the start as to whether it would heal at all, this being common in his experience. Salai Barclay
  42. LEUKAEMIA. In June 1995 I started a new career with Camelot. I settled down really well and was enjoying the challenge of a new direction in my life. In October I started to feel lethargic, tired and although I had been on a diet I reached my target weight, but carried on losing the pounds whilst eating more. In November I had a nasty bout of flu, thought nothing of it until I also noticed bruising on my arms and legs, even though I was resting in bed. Mum seemed a bit concerned and suggested I saw a doctor, which led to me having a blood test. A phone call from the doctor that very same day confirmed in my mind my worst fears.The diagnosis of Leukaemia was confirmed the next day, (my birthday) what devastation. Mum and Ian were there for me that day and the decision was made to take me back to Wales with theand arrangements were made for my admission into Singleton Hospital, Swansea.It is now April 25th and a week ago today I had my Bone Marrow Transplant. My case is unusual; ithas taken just five months from diagnosis to Bone Marrow Transplant, where most people waitmonths, even years to get to where I am today. There have been a few contributory factors in mycase; my own positive attitude, the support of family, friends, Camelot sent endless flowers andgifts, telephone calls of comfort and the thoughts and prayers of people I havent even met. But theicing on my cake is a dear brother whose Bone Marrow is identical to mine. His gift to me is afuture I might not have had. I have been drinking FLPs Aloe Vera Gel on and off for my IBS forabout two years, which has helped me. I have carried on drinking the Gel, though highly dilutedwith black currant but the relief that many of the other products have given me is tremendous.Gelly - Rubbed into my arms after blood tests, has kept bruising to a minimum. I have a Hickmanline, which is used for transfusions, chemotherapy. Gelly has helped with the soreness of the tubeentry into my chest.Propolis Creme - For relief with dry skin caused by chemotherapy, and rubbed into my bald head isjust a delight.Heat Lotion - For back ache and bed soresAloe First - Sprayed over face and head when suffering high temperatures, and relieved an itchyhead whilst losing my hair, sprayed over my body when I had a bad reaction to a drug.Aloe Lips - To keep my lips moist when sore, but could never hold onto the same one for longenough to finish it as it would always end up in the pocket of one or other of the medical staff.
  43. Toothgel - Which I love, which may have helped with the mouth sores caused by chemotherapy. Forever Lite - Strawberry flavoured which Mum almost force fed me when my appetite was non existent. Gel - On the advise of Dr. Peter Atherton and with the blessing of my consultant, I drank 8oz a day, nose held and diluted with blackcurrant cordial, as Peter takes it (even he cant drink it neat), everyday during my treatment. I wrote this testimonial just 5 days after my bone marrow transplant not knowing what was to come.The conventional drugs used to stop me from rejecting the transplant had a devastating effect on my body. Most of my organs failed including a collapsed lung and I was given just six hours to live at one point. It is now 5th August 1996 and I have been home for five weeks, my bodily functions are back to normal, kidneys, pancreas, liver, bowel and bladder and more importantly my lungs,are all running smoothly. Most people have no idea of the devastating effect chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the drug regime has on the body. I am suffering with the after effects and a condition called Graft Versus Host Disease (meaning my brothers bone marrow is fighting my body even though the graft has taken). I will suffer with this I am told for up to a year, the visible sign of this is very bad skin problems for which the Lotion has proved worth its weight in gold, also the Propolis Creme. When I was released from hospital amongst my drugs were Vitamin B tablets, Potassium tablets, Zinc tablets, each of which I was able to stop taking within a few days because the Berry Nectar provided these substances naturally. I also feel sure that it has helped to improve and maintain my blood levels. Ellen Nutsford
  44. LUPUS. Brenda, my wife, became ill some 19 years ago and after 8 years of to-ing and fro-ing to Harley Street was diagnosed as suffering from Lupus. Various medications were taken including 20 milligrams of steroids per day.Over the years Brendas condition steadily grew worse and in October Brenda was taking as many as 10 Paracetamol tablets for pain relief and between 45 and 50 milligrams of steroids per day. The side effects of such medication was causing excessive hair loss, brittle nails, irritable bowels, thinning of skin tissue, excessive weight, to name but a few. She was unable to participate in many of her previous past times and life was barely worth living. Later in October, a friend who was a distributor for FLP suggested that she had absolutely nothing to lose should she try a course of Aloe Vera. Brenda commenced taking Aloe and by December Brendas health showed improvement and she had been able to slightly reduce her daily intake of medication. She then doubled her intake of Aloe and by the end of February the next year had halved her daily intake of medication. Brenda also started to enjoy a better life style and started enjoying past recreational activities previously denied her. As Brenda benefited greatly from the taking of Aloe, she decided to join FLP as a distributor, in order to help others with their various ailments, and, by no means least, to earn a regular income. Brendas hair has stopped falling out, she now sports a beautiful set of nails, she has lost 11/2 stone in weight and has been able to reduce her daily intake of medication to 2 Paracetamol and 5 milligrams of steroids, most importantly, she feels more active and healthy. At Bournemouth Brenda was promoted to Manager and we both thank FLP for the benefits of their Aloe products and for the benefits of a precision Marketing Plan. Frank Short
  45. MOUTH ULCERS. My friend introduced me to your Aloe Vera Gel and toothpaste in the hope that it might help ease my mouth ulcers. For six years I have been to my GP and have had antibiotics,mouth gels and mouthwashes. I have tried all the products on the chemist shelf as well as Bicarbonate of Soda, mustard, vinegar, anything to get rid of these terrible mouth ulcers. I have had up to six at a time all over my tongue, lips and gums. I went to a specialist who gave me a four-month supply of Blood Tablets but I still got more ulcers. On my last visit he said I would just have to live with it because the lining in my mouth was very weak. He gave me some more mouthwash and ambasol gel but it didnt help.On Monday 30th of July I started using your Aloe Vera and by Wednesday 7th August my ulcers had all gone. My mouth was sweet and smooth again and all the plaque was gone and my teeth were white. I have had no re-occurrence since. I can not thank you and my friend Joyce enough for your wonderful product. Jean Hinckerman
  46. MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS. For 12 years I have had MS. My symptoms have progressed from relatively mild to more severe mobility and balance problems and frequent infections. I took longer to recover from each attack. My doctors advised a lifetime regime of medication I was introduced to the Forever Living Products range and particularly the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. I was very keen to give anything a go. I have been on 2oz of Aloe Vera Berry Nectar a day ever since. Over a year later I have had no antibiotics and am free of infection. My energy level is higher than it has been for a long time. My hair, nails and skin are in really good condition. People comment on how well I look, and I just feel great. The Aloe Vera Drinking GeI is no cure for the MS; in fact I had a relapse eight months ago. However, before drinking the Aloe Vera Gel my attacks frequently lasted for months, even after steroid treatments. These left me quite ill with side effects, having destroyed my immunity to everyday flues and bugs. With my relapse I was out of my chair within four weeks, and within a month after that I dispensed with my stick. I can honestly say, I am better now than I have been for four years. I take Forever Living Products’ Bee Propolis, a natural antibiotic, at the first sign of aninfection. Usually the symptoms subside within two to three days leaving my body all the stronger to fight the next time. Unlike, after a course of antibiotics, where my immunity was weakened. I am affected by fatigue and I take Bee Pollen tablets. I carry them with me and take a couple as and when I need them. They truly live up to their nickname, ‘Nature’s Speed’. I am told by my doctors that MS is an individuals’ immune system attacking their own nervous system. Aloe Vera is a known immune moderater which balances the immune system. I’m just thankful that I’ve found a natural alternative to the medical remedies with their, often, unpleasant side effects. I now have the energy to hold down a full time job, run a home and family, and my growing FLP business. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much energy. I am well aware that that there is no cure yet for MS, but my aloe and bee products have given me the ammunition I need to be well in spite of MS. Laurel Northam
  47. OVARIAN CANCER. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and had to have a total hysterectomy after which I began a course of chemotherapy for six months. After three months of being clear, I was told I had a secondary tumour on my rectum and would need a further six month course of chemotherapy. I was unable to complete this course as I contracted MRSA super bug, and the anti-biotic depleted my immune system. As I still needed chemotherapy it was decided that I would take it in a milder tablet form with the possibility of radiotherapy in the future.The effect these chemicals had on me were very unpleasant, the worst was my digestive and bowel system. It was as if I had drunk acid and felt like it was burning me from top to bottom. The remedies given to me by the hospital did little to relieve these problems. Earlier in the year my daughter and I visited a Natural Healing Exhibition in Ipswich where I was told about Aloe Vera and how it could help me. However, I was sceptical and thoughtit could not be that good, and left it at that, but my problems still persisted. After talking to my nurse who said I could benefit from trying Aloe Vera, I decided to go to the next Natural Healing Exhibition in Colchester where I met Ann and Ron Doveton. They were very informative about the different ways Aloe Vera could help me and advised me to try the Aloe Vera Gel. After only two days of taking the Aloe Vera my digestive tract and bowel calmed down considerably. A few weeks later I was told I would need Radiotherapy daily for a month and that it could irritate and burn the skin. The Radiotherapist said that all she could give me was a moisturising cream for dry skin but I told her I would prefer to use my Aloe Vera Gelly. She said that she could not allow this, as so many patients brought in Aloe Vera Cremes to use, but they have so many chemical additives they could not be used, as it would interfere with the Radiation. She offered to have my FLP gelly tested in the hospital laboratory. Two days later the results came back that the gelly was almost 100 pure and therefore they were perfectly happy for me to use it after the treatments. In fact, they said that they had never seen one so pure before.
  48. Cont:- At the end of my treatment I did not have any radiation burns, irritation or dry skin and as I was drinking the Aloe Vera Gel my energy levels had improved no end. In fact, friends have been saying how well I have looked lately and have asked what I have been doing, as did my Cancer Consultant. So I told them about Aloe Vera and how it has helped me. I am now a distributor and with the help of Ann and Ron, my first presentation was a great success and has created a lot of interest amongst people with all sorts of problems. Although I have been told my cancer is not curable I feel that together with my positive attitude on life, great support from my family and friends, and with the help of Aloe Vera my quality of life has been greatly improved and long may it continue. I hope that this testimonial will help other distributors to be able to help other people who are also suffering. Sandra Brace
  49. SPORTS INJURIES. My name is Neil Riddiford and my background is Motor-Racing. When racing a single seater racing car they are set up with very stiff suspension to improve the handling. Unfortunately over the last 12 years my back has operated like a shock absorber, this means you feel every bump and curb. Two years ago I developed a major back problem, which has prevented me racing. After many tests I was sent to a specialist to check for MS. The conclusion being that the general pounding over the years had generated muscles inmy back that could only be described as MDF or hardwood that needed tenderising, so I have been receiving a regular massage with the Heat lotion and I always drink the Gel. I can honestly say that my problem is 95% improved and I only get a little bit of discomfort when I first wake up in the morning.Thank you FLP Ive just made a racing comeback and finished 2nd at Snetterton. Brands Hatch next. Neil Riddiford
  50. STOMACH ULCERS. Ive had a stomach ulcer, which became a lesion, for many years now. Mostly, I controlled it with homeopathic or herbal remedies but over the last couple of years it became both worse, and more frequent and I was resorting to strong painkillers. I also began to see a direct link between stress levels at work (Im a full time teacher) and these attacks. Curiously, I came across FLP at around the same time that I was considering seeing a conventional doctor because my stomach discomfort was often preventing me sleeping. One day in particular, I came home from work with an unusually burning flare up. Being new to the idea of drinking Aloe Vera, I was pretty sceptical about it helping but since the herbs and homeopathy werent touching the pain now, it was worth a try. Almost immediately, I could feel the soothing benefits of the aloe as it came into contact with my stomach. It seemed to work as an extraordinary anti acid, which I could feel counteracting the inner inflammation. I could tell that I needed to take a little more in order to completely overwhelm the burning sensations and then there was just this marvellous feeling of painrelief. I had three or four similar episodes like this and it was such a comfort to know that a pharmaceutical-free pain relief was so quick and easy to obtain. Now, I only need to take a small amount daily as a maintenance dose and I havent had a severe flare up for months now. My digestive system feels better generally too and not so prone to acidity. So thank you so much, FLP, for your wonderful products. Julie Harper
  51. TEETH AND GUMS. I have very strong teeth and no cavities in over 30 years. I have used Crest all my life and with my good fortune I was slightly apprehensive to try something different. They say that people with good teeth may tend to have gum problems later in life. This proved to be true with my mother who has had gum surgery twice. I want to prevent this for myself. Although I have strong teeth I do get a lot of plaque build-up despite flossing daily. When I visited my dentist after six months of use, I was very excited by his report that my plaque build-up was significantly reduced as a result of using FLP Toothgel and my gums were very healthy with no bleeding at all during the exam. The added bonus is that my breath is fresher for longer during the day. Lisa Hughes
  52. TENDONITIS. I have been taking Aloe Vera Gel now for some six months but I have only just got round to writing about the marvellous affect it has had on me. As an International Oarsman both at Junior and Senior level and a member of the 1980 Olympic Squad, I have trained to the very highest levels, which inevitably has had an affect on the body due to the pounding it continually took. Training four to five hours, six days a week, fifty weeks of the year wears joints out and for a considerable number of years I have had Chronic Tendonitis in my left knee. This is a direct result of the enormous training workload. When Diane my wife went into the business she insisted I take Aloe Vera Gel morning and nightand to stick with it and see what happens. Being the worlds biggest cynic and sceptic I did so, but very begrudgingly not expecting anything to happen at all. After all I have had physiotherapy,friction therapy, the very latest ultrasound, even cortisone injections, all to no avail. The general prognosis was that the kneecap would have to be replaced, however not until I was fifty, some nine years to wait. Coupled with this was the large amount of painkillers I have been taking over the years. So what could Aloe Vera Gel do that all the aforementioned could not do? Oh ye of little faith. After some four to five weeks I began to realise that the pain in the knee was in fact subsiding and that it definitely did not hurt anywhere near as much as it used to when I was driving or rugby training. In fact, now I experience no pain whatsoever.I only wish that Aloe Vera Gel was around when I was still competing Internationally, I am sure some of the niggling injuries we had to live with would have cleared up so very much quicker. The other major factor is that the product is purely natural and would prove no problem to the International Board in respect of the drug testing we were subjected to on quite a number of occasions.I can only express my experience with regard to the improvement Aloe Vera has made to me personally, but I am, as they say, now converted and will not stop taking it. Andy Peach
  53. TENDONITIS. I feel I must write and tell you what a blessing it was the day you introduced me to Aloe Heat Lotion. 18 months ago I tore a tendon in my right shoulder and as I am very right handed, apart from the constant pain I suffered night and day, the inconvenience was tremendous and I think I aged at least 10 years.I was not neglected by my GP. I had physiotherapy at 2 hospitals and he even brought a specialist in that field of injury to the surgery to see me. So after 14 days of using Aloe Heat Lotion and finding I can write reasonably well again, knit, sew, iron and raise my armabove my head without assistance. I look upon Aloe Vera as a miracle product and I am recommending it to anyone I know suffering muscular pain. Dorothy Collins
  54. TENNIS ELBOW. Having fallen when skiing last Christmas my first experience of tennis elbow was catalysed. As Im an active sportswoman I agreed to the quickest cure. My GP, who recognised herself as an expert in locating the point accurately, gave me a hydrocortisone injection in March, marvellous! Within 24 hours the constant ache which had accompanied me since Christmas disappeared. Alas. I was warned tennis elbow would recur despite following advice on what to avoid so that the onset would be delayed. In May this year my tennis elbow returned, even shaking hands became a painful process. John had just joined FLP in July when I was debating whether or not to agree to a second hydrocortisone injection. Luckily I could escape having more cortisone pumped into my body; I began drinking the Nectar and rubbing Heat Lotion morning and night.I can honestly say I can feel no pain whatsoever and I am confident that continuing to take the Berry Nectar and using the Heat Lotion I will keep the problem at bay and look forward to continuing to play sport – pain free!  Vivien Ellis
  55. WOUND HEALING. My 4-year-old son Elliot fell off his bike onto his face first. This caused severe cuts,grazes and bruising to his face. I cleaned the wounds up and sprayed his face with Aloe First. The pain soon subsided and when Elliot had calmed down I gently covered the wounds with the Aloe Vera Gelly. The fact that Elliot was calm now was important to me although his face did look a mess. Eight days later his face had healed totally, which is quite amazing considering a small scratch on his hand caused at the same time had still not healed. Now 2 months later there is not a mark on his face, not even a smallscar. Shaun Swinburn


All the testimonies above are real cases where people have found relief from some very nasty infections and illness. Having to proof read all these and learn from so many of their troubles then seeing the fantastic way they benefited has had a remarked effect on me. It has inspired me to the fact that news like this should be spread as wide and far as possible, so others can also benefit from breaking free of the pain and crippling discomforts that plague them. Hence it's abbreviated list of testimonies that I hope you will all share with others, that they may find some relief and benefit.

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