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FLP Distributor Success Stories
Adam May

“Nine years working in the City as a futures and options broker made me realise that being in a stressful job and stuck in an office with a one hour commute at each end of the day was not the life I wanted. I began to reassess what was important to me and I found that my top priority was to be financially independent so that I could travel as much as I wanted, when I wanted. But at the time I couldn't’t see how I would achieve it in my lifetime!
“Eight years ago a good friend told me about Forever Living and I immediately saw it as the opportunity to change my life.

“Financial independence to me meant getting rid of my debts, having money in the bank, growing investments and creating a secure future for my children.

“Today, I have all the above. What’s more, no commuting, no boss, no stress, a six figure income each for both my ex wife and myself, at least three months holiday a year, quality time with friends and family and I’m working with fantastic people helping them build their own future.

“I feel very lucky and very privileged to be doing something I love so much.

Adam May

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Forever Living Chairmans Bonus - Big cheques

"FLP has changed our life FOREVER. The company, the products and the excellent marketing plan has given us both health and wealth. In FLP the more you learn, the more you teach. The more you teach, the more you earn. And FLP gives training FREE and Equal Opportunity to all. True hard work, belief in oneself, commitment, setting of goals, a burning desire and good team work helped us to succeed."- Beena & Bharat Shah

****It's been a truly unbelievable journey for me with FLP My association with Forever started five years ago as a consumer of its fantastic products. As I already had an established gold jewelry designing business, I was not looking for a new business at that time. But as I kept talking to people about the benefits of it's wonderful products as a consumer, my FLP cheque's kept growing, and once I put in dedicated efforts with my fine team - my income from Forever surpassed that of my gold business. Today I have time not only for myself and my family, but am able live a great 'healthy' lifestyle (that includes a comfortable house, cars, and even yearly vacations abroad!!!). It is a fantastic feeling every time one of my team members achieves success, and I hope you will also join us to soar higher together - forever! - Vandana & Umesh Dhakan

****I joined Forever Living Products with lot of apprehension as I was quite skeptical about the networking concept but was thoroughly impressed by the great product line and thus was confident about the opportunity. However, it has not been a cakewalk. As there was very little income in the beginning, I continued my existing computer business and FLP became a part time activity. There was considerable struggle in the beginning but I knew for sure that once I go through it, I would be made for life. It took me about a year and a half for my part time income to cross my full time computer business, and I have come a long way in the FLP Marketing Plan achieving what I would never have imagined; a six figure monthly income, a special status in society, new car and several trips across the Atlantic. The success formula in FLP is simple - have a dream, think positive, help others and reap your benefits. - Sujatha & Prem Rajan

***** When we were first introduced to Forever Living Products we could not believe that it would have such a great enhancement to our health and entire lifestyle. Every aspect of FLP is wonderful, the products, the people, the atmosphere and the business. We were happy that by helping others we were able to reach the level of Senior Manager. There are no words to express my appreciation and admiration for Rex Maughan for giving us this unbelievable opportunity to join FLP and become healthier, wealthier and happier. - Vikram & Gayatri Soni

****Though I had a humble beginning in FLP the powerful marketing plan has changed my life and lifestyle. FLP opportunity has come like a gift for me and my family to lead a healthy life along with lot of wealth and a sense of security. I have always been thrilled at the thought of how many people could get benefited through me as I grow in the marketing plan. Before actively getting involved with FLP I compared this opportunity with so many other opportunities and found that there is no other company with such a great combination of clean complete background, unique products and wonderful marketing plan. - b>Sunil & Prabha

***** With twenty one years of one of the best and highest paid jobs which also came with a lot of authority, what more could one ask for in today's world? But a chance meeting and understanding of the enormous wealth creation, the course of our lives changed and headed towards the wonderful world of helping people in creating health and opportunities for wealth. In spite of a non-business background and no contacts, I perceived that with the FLP platform I could achieve phenomenal success. Armed with the best marketing plan and products, I inched my way to success, achieving Car Plan II, International Travel and in the Top 10 Distributor in India for 2005-2006 and all in just 3 years. Knowledge, attitude and skills development were the pillars of my Success The visits to Malaysia and USA recently have further strengthened my belief in FLP My advice to new distributors "take FLP as your career and you will never regret it". - Manjaree and Sanjeev

***** FLP has opened a whole new world for us. It has given our lives a new meaning and direction. Not only did the health of our whole family benefited, also our financial condition improved. We achieved both health and wealth. Hailing from a non-business background, we were under the impression that getting into and succeeding in any form of business meant not only a huge capital investment but also lots of stress and headache. FLP proved all these notions wrong. It gives us great satisfaction in helping others get good health and also leading the path and showing a way of life many only dream of. The FLP marketing plan is wonderfully designed, anybody who follows the system can make it big here and transform their lives FOREVER. May be that's the reason it is called PURE & SIMPLE. Today we have an improved lifestyle and a whole world of new friends. THANK YOU FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS". - Sridevi and Srikanth D Vodapalli

***** _We thank God for sending this opportunity to us in the form of Forever Living Products through our upline. Today we are extremely happy as a family - not only are we fulfilling our dreams, but by taking this opportunity to others we are trying to help them achieve their dreams as well. It is THAT amazing opportunity of the world through which anyone can achieve health, wealth, time, security (financial independence). And by helping others achieve these things we earn their blessings as well.- Jagdish & Kamlesh

***** Our faith was built on the wonderful FLP products. I did not only start using them but also started recommending the products to our family and friends. Soon we had part time income in FLP Thanks to the wonderful marketing plan, our confidence for the company was on top gear. We decided to spare more time for FLP and soon this part time income became more than a full time income and of course with minimum liabilities! My family and I now know what financial freedom is all about! - Jitendra & Dipti Gosai>

***** It is truly THE WORLD'S BEST COMPANY, it has given me a new life and helped me to experience success from my past list of failures. I believe if I could change my life, anyone can make it too and become successful with FLP The company has excellent track record for over 30 years of changing lives of millions of people worldwide. You too can change your life if you believe.- John Thomas

***** It is a privilege to be a part of the world's number one company, represented in 130 countries with 30 years of ever growing business. I was at the crossroads of my life searching for a right opportunity. FLP is a God given opportunity, which has given me an unimaginable lifestyle, respect and a future full of hope. FLP has revealed my hidden talents and capabilities. It has brought happiness to our lives and we do believe that this is the greatest gift. FLP has given me courage to grow as a person Premson Bolli

***** Coming from a business background, I already had financial freedom but I had no time. With Forever Living, I am not only the boss of my business, but also the boss of my time. Today I have time to pursue my favourite hobby - meeting people and this I can do while I am expanding my business. I have more time for my family, my friends and myself. In over 7 years in FLP I have enjoyed some of the best times in my life including traveling to more than 15 countries (Canada, 4 trips to the USA,Mexico, UK, South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia) and having 3 cars and new house in Pune is a dream come true! This is the company that has the best products and business that has given me a great income without going to the bank for a loan to start my business. I have a fabulous team theatre achieving their goals. The success formula is - paying respect to the company and its marketing plan, using the products, and following Rex's example - "FLP is your only choice!" - Simon Davidson.

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