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Forever Living have distributors in over 155 countries. Listed below are some of our global locations. Bold ORANGE links are direct on-line shopping sites with main global FLP distribution offices where you can directly shop or join Forever Living. These main global offices also service other distributors living in nearby countries. If you are interested in becoming a Forever Living local or global distributor, or just want to browse your local shop, either click a highlighted link below or contact us directly for more information on which global office you should join. You can find a wealth of information about Forever, its global team and its products from the links at the top of this page. Put your feet up, have a cup of tea and enjoy the adventure of how a company over 35 years has grown globally to embrace 155 countries with millions and millions of users and distributors world wide. Have a great day from the Forever JM Team.

Forever Living Global - Your path to a healthier and wealthier tomorrow

Albania Croatia Indonesia Morocco Singapore
Algeria Curacao Iraq Namibia Slovak Republic
Angola Cyprus Ireland Netherlands Slovenia
Argentina Czech Republic Israel New Zealand South Africa
Australia Democratic Republic of Congo Italy Nicaragua Spain
Austria Denmark Ivory Coast Nigeria St. Eustatius
Azerbaijan Ecuador Japan Northern Ireland St. Maarten
Bahamas El Salvador Kazakhstan Norway Suriname
Bangladesh El Salvador-San Miguel Kenya Panama Suriname
Belgium Estonia Korea Paraguay Swaziland
Benin Fiji Kosovo Peru Sweden
Bolivia Finland Kuwait Philippines Switzerland
Bonaire France Kyrgyzstan Poland Taiwan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Gabon Latvia Portugal Tanzania
Botswana Germany Lesotho Puerto Rico Thailand
Brazil Ghana Lithuania Qatar Togo
Brunei Great Britain Luxembourg Republic of Congo Tunisia
Bulgaria Greece Macau Reunion Islands Turkey
Burundi Guadaloupe Macedonia Romania Uganda
Cambodia Guatemala Malaysia Russia Ukraine
Cameroon Honduras Martinique Rwanda United Arab Emirates
Canada Honduras-Tegucigalpa Mauritania Saba United States
Chile Hong Kong Mexico Samoa Uruguay
China Ltd. Hungary Moldova Saudi Arabia Venezuela
Colombia Iceland Mongolia Senegal Vietnam
Costa Rica India Montenegro Serbia  Zambia
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