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What would you call THE most rewarding and generous incentive program EVER? Chairmans Bonus of course!

We thought of many clever, catchy slogans and names but none of them seemed to fit. So we went back to basics and asked:

  • What do you call a program that awards around US $20,000,000 every year, in addition to your monthly bonus?
  • What do you call a program that, if done right, will build a solid and lasting foundation for your Forever Business?
  • What do you call a program that is open to everyone without prejudice and rewards your hard work, loyalty and passion?
  • What do you call a program that is honest, integral and fair and actually changes lives for the better?

Ask any qualifier and you’ll hear the same message time and time again. “Thanks Rex, your generosity has changed my life!”

For over 20 years Rex Maughan has been sharing the success of his company with thousands and thousands of distributors just like you. Rex has already awarded over US $200,000,000 in Profit Sharing checks and plans to award much more in the future.

So when we came to rename this unique incentive, we thought of all these things and we kept coming back to the same place…Rex. His great vision, belief and generosity has built a company that spans the globe, creates an opportunity for millions and sets the standard in generosity in our industry.

Profit Sharing has been part of the Forever culture for decades and the name has become synonymous with big checks, excitement and unprecedented generosity. It has become a means to annually reward hundreds of hardworking distributors just like you, but it had geographic limitations and you asked us to change that. So we did!

With your help we revamped the program, tore down the boundaries and went Global and Chairman’s Bonus was born. As you know, the core of the incentive has remained unchanged but now we naturally thought the program needed a new name.

Naturally, when it came to the name, what better than The Chairman’s Bonus.

Just take a look at some of our global distributors chairmans bonus cheque in 2014

Watch the Forever Chairmans Bonus Video

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