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Zika Virus News

What you need to know and how to avoid or alleviate the symptoms of the Zika Virus

The Zika Virus was discovered in Uganda decades ago. In the past few years it has started to appear and take hold in Brazil, South America and the Caribbean. Brazil now has thousands of cases and it is now a pandemic. Its spread by the Zika mosquito (Aedes aegypti) from the same mosquito family that infects with Chikungunya and dengue. With cases popping up now all over the world and likelihood of millions being infected , its important that your bodies defensive immune system is kept strong. Taking Forever Living health supplements has been a tried and tested solution for over 20 years. The important ones are listed below.

If you are unfortunate enough to catch the Zika Virus, the bad news is that there is no cure but you can alleviate the symptoms without resorting to pharmaceutical medicines. Again I've listed what will help you below.


The symptom is similar to a mild flu, with the usual aching muscles, general fatigue, red eyes and a fever that may alternate with chills. Fortunately its short lived and many don't even know they have the disease, they just feel 'off' for a day. BUT, the big danger is for pregnant women that become infected either directly from the mosquito itself or through their partner who may have been bitten. Zika has already evolved to spread via bodily fluids. Zika causes severe malformation of the unborn babies head and brain (microcephaly).

Strengthen your immune system:

Forever Blossom Tee of Herbs Detox your body of nasty toxins with this refreshing mixture of cinnamon, chamomile, cardamon, blackberry leaf, allspice, orange peel and cloves that give it a delightful a warm, fruity flavor, Combined with organic aloe blossoms, this low calorie, refreshing tea is a great complement to keep your body free of harmful toxic poisons.

Drink Forever Aloe Vera Gel- Mentioned in Bible passages as well as in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, carried by Alexander the Great on his conquests, as the only healing herb. Aloe Vera has been known for thousands of years as a miracle plant that helps the body to heal itself.

Forever Echinacea Natural Antioxidant - Echinacea is the one of the best natural antibiotics available. Native Americans used it externally and internally to heal most diseases. This Forever Living product also contains berberine and attacks bacteria, viruses and other bugs. Perfect for fighting the Zika virus.

Relieving the Symptoms:

Just like any flu symptoms, the Zika virus effects can be greatly reduced or eliminated with the following Forever Living products.

Aloe Vera Take half a glass of Forever Aloe Vera Gel three times a day, when you are down with a cold, flu or Zika virus to help you to recover faster.

Forever Bee Propolis. This is a natural antibiotic and useful for alleviating respiratory infections by stimulating the body’s immune system response. Taking Forever Bee Propolis each day will help combat the Zika symptoms as well as any cold or flu.

TIP. Put lots of Garlic and Thyme in your cooking. Garlic defends your immune system against invaders. Combined with thyme it is helpful for anyone suffering from asthma, bronchitis, mild sore throat, cold, flu, coughs and other respiratory infections. Also a good intake of Vitamin C helps to shorten the duration of an infection it also acts as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory to help dry up a runny nose and improve your immune function.

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